History & Background

Rawla Mrignayani has been restored from a 300 Years old Natwara Haveli built by “ Rao Kripa Ram” of Chaksu, the Prime Minister of then Jaipur State. It was later taken over by the rulers of Jaipur and the Haveli was given as a grant to the nobles of Karnot, descendents of “Veer Durga Das Rathore” - a warrior who could have become the ruler of Marwar but ensured it went to its rightful heir in the 17th Century. This family was given the command of Jaipur sate forces to defend the boundaries of Jaipur from incessant Gureilla attacks of Marathas. The original gateway on the other side of the property could accommodate a man riding an Elephant on a covered Haudah. The family was also given the feudal lordship (Jagir) of the village Natwara in Tonk District and were the members of the Royal Council. A large section of this property was getting ruined after the nobles shifted to their village. So the present owners- who are one of the descendents of the erstwhile nobles, decided to restore the Haveli to its lost glory and brought “Rawla Mrignayani” into existence. The immense property houses the hotel, a school on one side and residences of descendents of the Natwara Family.